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A few of the movies that you must check out on the website of aha are minsara kanavu, jeans, and uyire.

  • minsara kanavu

Plot of minsara kanavu

The movieĀ  minsara kanavu features a girl named Priya. Priya is seen to be a girl who is quite friendly and easygoing. However, in the movie, it is always noticed that Piya finds herself in some sort of trouble every now and then.

Even after knowing that Piya desires to become a Nun, a guy named Thomas tries to lure Priya into the trap of marriage.

  • Jeans

Plot of Jeans

The movie Jeans is about Visu and Madhumita. The couple falls in love with each other quite easily and proceeds with the thought of marrying each other. However, it is noticed that the thought of their marriage is interrupted as Visus’s father objects to the proposal.

He makes it quite clear to the couple that Visu and his twin brother have to be married off together. Watch the movie to learn what happens next in the movie and how the two love birds take care of the situation.

  • Uyire

Plot of Uyire

The movie Uyire is about the life of a radio broadcaster who is immensely attracted to a mysterious lady. Further, this intense attraction opens up the gate for strong desire between the two.

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