The ‘Instagram likes’ rules the mental strategies told facebook

Presently, the new researches say there are more than one billion user accounts in instagram. Everyone including us are crave as well greedy for instagram likes. The generation’s routine of the day starts from the regular checks in social media. But in fact, what is wrong in craving towards visual and social platforms?

Recently, by the studies of neuroscience says the mobile first  generation users are mostly tempted by the social and visual platforms because the social rewards of such platforms pressures on quick maturity brain hormones, but as a side effect the management of self control alike mental  region fails to be .

That’s why the facebook, parent company of instagram recently announced a new policy and presently successfully testing with removing visibility of likes on the platform. While the policy only allows the user to revise his or her own like received for their post not of others and feel depressed about. The company had successfully tested in hiding the small heart button called like on countries like Canada, the USA, Japan, Brazil, Australia, Ireland, and New Zealand.

‘Instagram likes

How can more Instagram likes help?

The loss of Instagram likes might improve the well-being in mental space, but will definitely effect on the profits of social media influencers, almost than of 4 million brands collaborated or sponsored post on the platform. The influencer’s tool called like defines the attractive to advertiser industry. Is it healthy for a social media platform to end its attractive part?   Well, The Instagram CEO Adam mosseri ends up his words in wired25 summit back some years that the social pressure, anxiety are the major outcome to the young generation users. However the company wishes for the well- being of the society by hiding the likes count, even though it effects in the graph of negative feedbacks. How the young brains are are deeply connected to such platforms? The young generation’s brain is well interested in such platforms through visualization and as well the brain gets attached well. This influences in habits in a way that, the notification tone rules out the brain to run through the app or screen in immediate cause. “We are hardwired to find social interactions rewarding” said the well know neuroscientist Mr. Dar meshi. The neuroscience reports states that the social rewarding system activates ventral striatum, the core of the brain which focuses on reward related or decision making behavior.


It’s the same space on brain which controls emotions when people enjoys sweets, sex, gambling and this Is why the social media platforms and regular following it is greatly enticing. If the banks show the balance of whole users of it, to open society, it would cause a side fact of dissatisfying and as well greedier to its users, and might be end up with sad depression or riskier behaviors. It is always deeper and greater to hide very behavioral sensitive contents whether on society or in any social media platform.

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