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Web Designing

Web designing , this term itself is ruling the world, vast technologies, better interfaces , flexible options, innovative applications, simplified and single solutions, bounding everything by web these all are adding more and more value to this one.

What is web designing?

Web Designing comprises of skills from development to production followed by innovation. During this web design one has to posses the roles from full stack developer, production Engineer, Quality analyst to user Interface Designer.

Take an Example, Assume that you have a craft store and you want to expand your business through online so that you can earn from international clients also for that you need a website, exactly web Designing comes here you need a website which can take orders, process payments, generate bills, highly secured, display your product pictures, attract clients and more important one is Interface design, Search Engine if these two are perfect your website traffic will surely hit a great height.

Skills needed for Web Designing:

Here are some basic skills every Designer must possess:

  • Good command over any development language, Java script is leading one at present.
  • Must be aware of google terms and conditions to maintain security of website.
  • Skills in Automation or testing for analyzing application.
  • Graphic Designing, User Interface enhancement ideas for better view.
  • Knowledge on database Management systems, google firebase handling for production of application.
  • API’s development, backend technologies in java script for dynamic application.

Web Designing as career:

Web Designing

  • It is definitely a good career option as it can has different roles in it.
  1. Frontend Developer.
  2. Backend Developer.
  3. Quality Analyst.
  4. UI Designer.
  5. Wed Marketing Analyst.
  6. Design and Layout Analyst.
  • Each role of the above has equal importance and require different skills.
  • Starting salary of any of the above roles in India is 4.3-5 Lakh per annum.

Top Websites offering Web Designing course:

  • Coursera
  • Udemy
  • W3 schools

Top universities are also offering this course and websites such as Internshala are offering this course.

Wed designing is our future because every thing is in on online and pandemic made better use of it. Different businesses have different needs and a everything needs to fulfilled in one website. There is a huge demand for professionals in this field but the truth you have to accept is learning and challenges never stops in this field.

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